Why this blog looks like this...?

Why this blog looks like this...?

Check out my first attempt to "blog" something, even if it is to explain why this website looks silly and dull.

Hi there! My name is Veselin and I am a web developer who wants to turn more social. If you want to check me out take a look at my social profiles (links in the header)

In my very first attempt to write something I want to briefly explain why I decided this blog to look like this (understand: without much styling). This is kind of my introduction to whoever finds this blog interesting and useful.

The main idea of the blog is to fill it with interesting articles regarding web and app development. I come from a Frontend background, but the more websites with "cool" designs and animations I made the more I realized that the content matters the most. You can think of this as some kind of rebellion to the idea that heavy animations, popping elements and all kinds of movements on the page are considered good UX and UI.

Nice font, good-looking colors, beautifully made illustrations, nice photos and most importantly professional copywriting are more than enough to deliver your message to the audience. A good designer can make magic with this. Then the frontend dev can carry on and give life to the composition by adding the necessary UX details. However, what stays hidden to the end-user is the real magic of programming. It is often neglected even by members of your team not related to development at all. All the small functionalities which the user takes for granted are well-thought functions that took someone's time to be made.

Let's take this blog for example.

Dear non-developer user,

You see this ugly, generic, browser-defaults styles and UX, but what you don't see is the underlying technology that is used to make this load fast and instantly. You don't see all lines of code that are written in the Gatsby framework and all the work that is done at Netlify to host this website and serve it so fast that you hopefully don't have to wait and how the Firebase API works so I can store all articles safely and then retrieve them here and finally what I had to do to compose these functionalities to work together and make my custom "Add article" page so I can easily add articles.

Dear developer,

Please value your work and always try to improve at the things you love. That's my message to all of you.

At least this is what I am trying to do daily :)

Here is a list of what I used to make this simple blog if you happen to be interested:

Thanks for reading!

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